Thursday, November 25, 2010

It is currently 3 A.M,  I always find it difficult to go to sleep when I have alot on my mind.  The figure(or the fashion figure) is proving very hard to master.  I have never been a classical artist, more of a singer, and doodler, but fashion and putting outfits together is like a second nature, sometimes to make myself fall asleep I'll put outfits together in my head.  Add a little Prada to Old Navy, or take away and add new things to what I have seen on the run way, if only I could put exactly on paper what I saw in my mind, it's like it won't come together yet, I'm missing something, a special formula that will please me.  This painting by John Singer Sargeant is one of my favorites (my mothers favorite artist) I have seen many of his paintings and sketches up close, each time I am completely astounded and floored.  This man, painted pictures exactly how HE saw the person, you can almost feel what this woman is feeling in the painting.  Did she choose this dress?  Was it a last minute decision? I'll never know...I guess neither will anyone else.  I find it easier to ramble when I'm delirious from lack of sleep.  I could go on for hours on why I love clothes...but I don't want to bore anyone, my goal with this is to see some sort of progress..even a tiny bit, and if not, say fuck it and move on to something else that makes me happy.  Have you ever had a terrible day, then gone into a thrift store or second store and found something that you'd been looking for months, maybe even years, and it changed everything?  I hate "Window Shopping" or " Browsing" the way it has always had to be whenever I have stepped into a Nordstrom or a Neiman Marcus.  Maybe one designs will be in those stores, and I'll walk into SAKS with ease, ask to use the bathroom (the on in the Houston Galleria) and I'll sit on the ridiculously awesome  leopard skin bed, proclaiming silently, I don't feel like buying anything today...I'll go to Neiman Marcus instead...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chanel created the little black dress after the love of her life died, even in mourning she wanted to look classic and beautiful.  I keep finding more and more examples of "The little Black Dress" which is great, because it gives more ideas to work off of, no dress is wrong, every one is unique, but one thing sexy it makes a woman feel to wear their very own.  Here is another version, the little figure has kind of bandanna covering her face, just because.

The first, not quite black, but it is the concept that I will continue to develop

Monday, November 22, 2010

And of Course

Rosario Dawson, in ONE version of the Little black dress


Hail to the Great and Classique!

The first person or Icon I will tackle is a dear and close favorite. The Little Black Dress by  Coco Chanel.  Fashion if kept classic will always be in style.  The little black dress no matter how different it has looked over the years will always remain.  Every woman has one in their closet, now it's time to wear it and I will shape it again!

Right now

I have decided to start this "blog" as an outlet.  To get my mind into a type of motivation, to start doing art again to focus all my efforts, blood, sweat, and tears on something I (and hopefully some others) care about.  Four years ago I entered into a giant mistake that made me forget who I was and what I went to L.A, and Phoenix to do.  To sing! To look at fashion and design and to one day have a hand in it!

  So here goes, over the next couple months I am going to start posting my fashion drawings, see what comes of it...!