Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have got to start cracking down on crafting,designing and drawing.  Inspiration fails me, everything looks the same, people are bringing things back, because they for some reason can't be original either.  Who am I  though?  I'm not saying I don't like fashion these days, quite the opposite, I just can't think of anything that won't look exactly the same.  I digress...

I need something besides that little black dress, something that will make me want to stay up until 3am actually doing something besides look at my friends pictures, something that makes me not shower...and not care. A song perhaps? Baking? The smell of Christmas is in the air, it fills my nostrils, past the ever present cigarette smoke that will always be there, that smell whispers, what now? What now say you? Speak your peace? Have you not tried in all aspects of your life to live it to the best of your ability? Yes I have...but not to the fullest. Until I find that inspiration...I will continue looking.